• Wild Art | 04.20.15

    Aviation electrician Lorenzo Taylor performs maintenance on a Navy helicopter at Austin Bergstrom Airport on Sunday. Taylor and his squadron will fly the helicopter from Florida to Arizona, where it will be retired on Thursday after more than 30 years in service.

    Griffin Smith | Daily Texan Staff

    The White family explores a train as part of Austin Steam Train Association's Hill Country weekend ride that takes passengers to Burnet and back. The well-kept vintage train is run by experienced volunteers on the weekends.

    Mariana Gonzalez | Daily Texan Staff

  • Gaden Shartse Phukhang Monastery Mandala

    Tibetan monks Konchok Jampa, top, and Lobsang Tsundu work diligently at City Hall on a sand mandala, a traditional Tibetan artwork. The mandala takes 5 days to finish and is part of the Gaden Shartse Phukhang Monastery’s tour to share the beauty of the traditional practice with the public.

    Griffin Smith | Daily Texan Staff

  • Wild Art | 04.15.15

    Pedestrians wait to cross the street at the corner of 24th and Guadalupe streets on Tuesday evening.

    Rachel Zein | Daily Texan Staff

    A man refills a liquid nitrogen reservoir outside of Welch Hall on Tuesday evening.

    Jack DuFon | Daily Texan Staff

  • Wild Art | 04.13.15

    High school senior Shrader Davis harvests flowers at Prickly Pair Farm in Lampasas Sunday morning. The farm is entering its fourth year and plans on expanding this season.

    Graeme Hamilton | Daily Texan Staff

  • Wild Art | 04.10.15

    Sophomore civil engineering major Richie Tan helps clean up fallen glass in Jester West. The glass pane shattered spontaneously Thursday night.

    Jack DuFon | Daily Texan Staff

    Communication studies graduate student Roth Smith jumps the trails at the 9th Street BMX Dirt Jumps. The dirt jumps were built 25 years ago as a part of Duncan Park.

    Michael Baez | Daily Texan Staff