Lunchtime Links


The Daily Texan Life and Arts section is happy to complement your afternoon procrastination with a smattering of news from across the cultural spectrum. It's Monday, and we know you need the pump-up talk. 

Scientists agree with you that Monday is the worst. 

Maker's Mark has reversed their previous decision to water down our booze. Thank god.

A computer may drive the electric car of the future

The Texas Tribune has a beautiful slideshow up of prisoners learning to be entreprenuers. 

Here are some links to check out in honor of Toni Morrison's 84th birthday. 

Here's an archived 1904 story called "Recollections of Lincoln" that the Atlantic reissued for President's Day.

Watch this idiot Australian body slam into a cactus. Intentionally. Why does this happen? 

The Natural History Museum in London has a Pinterest where they pin their specimens. 

Long-form journalism website published a great piece about Karaoke in Brooklyn. 

Here's a Vine video of the Burberry fashion show.