Five tips to enjoy SXSW without ruining your body


When an event like South By Southwest is happening, edible debauchery is in order. People tend to go big or go home at these festivals, and diet is no exception. As usual, SouthBites is hosting an array of local favorites, and most of them will be as decadent as they taste. But don’t worry, with these tips from the Texan you can stay healthy at the festival without forgetting to “treat yo’ self.”

The Leisure Diet:
SouthBites is featuring plenty of junk, so go ham (but not really)! Just eat smaller portions and definitely don’t snack. If need be, compensate with a better workout and a better meal. Live a little while you’re there and just go raw vegan on the other meals, and you won’t miss them. Chi’lantro BBQ kimchi fries are divine and not too heavy or greasy.

The Slightly Better Diet:
Enjoy something less processed and stay away from fried carbs — or fried anything. If you know what it tastes like, give it up: burgers, ice cream, etc. And definitely go for ethnic or contemporary fusion. A little culture will add to the experience; plus, American food tends to be less healthy. Juice Austin is the healthiest option, and it’s literally just raw produce. But don’t fret, half the trucks are open game. Just stay away from Wholly Cow Burgers, The Waffle Bus, mmmpanadas, Lick Honest Ice Creams, Four Brothers, Happy Lobster and Chi’lantro BBQ.

The Lazy Workout:
This only works if you ate with care. Leave Sixth Street and enjoy some casual jogging in the quaint areas of Austin, especially Lady Bird Lake. For muscle maintenance, there’s no need to leave the fun. A few calisthenics provide an adequate fix: push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, crunches and dips. Do them randomly throughout the day, but max out each time. If you’re in shape you might impress a few people.

The Hardcore Workout:
If you’re reading this, you probably won’t do it anyway. But if you’re the type to push limits, take a break from the festivities and run a few miles, join a local football match (the football that includes actual running), swim, hit up a gym or do a park circuit. Park circuit means going to a park, running to every calisthenic station, stopping to max out on an arm and ab workout and then continuing until you die of exhaustion.

The Hangover Cure:
Hopefully this came from hard liquor and not beer, otherwise you’ve got double the work. If you want the best result, drag yourself out of bed and grab some egg whites, raw produce and supplements (such as protein shakes and juices). Drink as much water as possible. The more food and vitamins you consume, the more water you need. It’s all about balance. Finally, take an Advil or two and go to sleep. Who knows, you may skip a few unneeded meals with the additional rest. See, everything works out in the end.